Exciting, Fresh, Fun

Entertainment Guaranteed to

Delight Your Audience


A Versatile Performer with Something for Almost Everyone!

Musical Artistry, Magic, Nostalgic Quizzes and Sing-a-longs 

Banjo Jim - Musician

Family Oriented Magician

amazes, amuses, and enthralls

kids of all ages


Featuring Memories from the

20s, 30s, 40s and 50s in

1 affordable performance

(Video Below)

Country Clubs

Banquets - Strolling

Department Stores

Schools - Churches


Birthday Parties

Day Care - Pre-school

Child Care - Libraries

Substitute Certificate of License to Teach - 2010-2018

Family Care Safety Registry (State of Missouri)

    Imagine beautiful big-band favorites, professionally orchestrated and punctuated by happy sing-a-longs.  Next, add mind-boggling magic tricks with challenging memories from old radio broadcasts, T.V. shows and commercials. Now, you can appreciate a fast-paced show by Jim Edwards.

    Jim is a multi-faceted, multi-talented entertainer with a unique style. He combines instrumental prowess on trombone, banjo and other instruments with clever vocal lyrics. His repertoire of clever tricks, stories and humor is mixed with novelty tunes like the hilariously choreographed song “M-O-T-H-E-R."

    Your group will be talking about him for months, as he puts smiles on faces and songs in the hearts of audiences of all ages. His entertaining approach is an indication of someone who genuinely loves people of all ages.

    A performer for over 30 years, Jim has toured nationally, entertained in nightclubs and performed for industrial shows. A sound system expert, he travels with his own sophisticated audio system, only requiring a stage area with a 110-volt grounded electrical connection.


1- Big Band Artistry

    Remember the songs of Jerome Kern, Sammy Kahn and Cole Porter, sung by Rosemary, Tony, Bing, Frank and the Mills Brothers? A silky smooth trombonist reminiscent of the great musicians of the big bands, Jim transports audiences to when music was beautiful, lyrics were intelligent and musicians were true artists. Because he can play over 20 instruments, you'll never know what’s coming next.

2- Banjo Sing-a-longs


On his vintage 1919 Vega Banjo, Jim leads sing-a-longs on 5 foot 2; If you knew Suzie; Bye, Bye Blackbird; and countless other songs you’ve heard on your Mother’s knee or in some other “joint.”  With a rich history of playing in Chicago’s “Rush Street” Banjo Band Nightclubs, he sprinkles in comical songs and refreshing little-known verses from old “chestnuts.”


Here's a short video capturing a typical performance and crowd from one of his over 100 recent performances:


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A sound system expert, Jim travels with his own sophisticated audio system, only requiring a stage area and a 110-volt grounded electrical connection.
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