Testimonials - Call for References

Enjoyed your show at Maryland Heights. Arrived gloomy and left happy. You are a special person. . . . . . . Tks   Barbara  Sept 17, 2018

People have been stopping me for these last few days commenting on how great
you were Saturday.  So, you'd think it would wear off by now.  I go into a meeting of about 15 people this afternoon (we call it Java Club).. and before we started, YOU were
the main topic of conversation.  EVERYONE LOVED YOUR SHOW and were still excited several days later.   Like I said.... YOU ARE DA MAN!!!!! 

Yours, in Magic...   Chuuuuuck    Jan 2017

Everyone's talking about you at Dinner. Just got a comment, "You were the best entertainment ever here.  - Tracy Hickman, Activities Director, Dec, 2016

That wasn't just a magic trick but a life lesson as well. - High School student

YES! Our "seniors" really enjoyed the sing-a-longs & your choice of songs brought back lots of memories. . . . We will recommend you for others. - Shirley Merckling, Celebration Plus, Parkway Baptist Church

Thanks for a wonderful program . . I had many wonderful compliments & we would like to have you back again.  Dec '14

- Program Chairman

"Thank you Again for your wonderful program for the residents. They enjoy (it) so much! . . . Residents still talking about your show today. -  Activities Director

"It's so fast paced with so much variety, no one gets bored!" - Activities Director

"My residents really enjoyed you at our new years eve party!! "

- J.S. Property Manager

 "I've been visiting my Mother here for 4 years. Your performance without a doubt is the best they've ever heard!  - Two separate comments, January, 2014

"The love you show to others will come back to you. Thank you for our lovely entertainment today."
- Your friends at NHC, Marion and all the residents.

 "Your playing was like water for flowers. it makes the flowers grow. Thanks for planting a garden in our hearts. Please come back."

President Resident Council 

 " . . . he captivated an audience from ages 4-11 . . . magic show." 

Director of Children's Ministry 

" . . . His desire is to make each person in the room smile and provide you with a quality show." 

" . . . my Mom talks a lot about  his program. She thought he was handsome and it's something how someone with no hair can look so good . . ."  - Resident

"Little ________ is still talking about your invisible ball. He was so much fun to watch! They played catch with it all the way home."  -Grandparent

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the magic tricks at the mall Friday night. It gave the kids a "magical" end to an already "magical" trip to see Santa. We all enjoyed it - and enjoyed seeing you again. Merry Christmas!" - Jewell Lee

 " Do you remember, I was there at ____________. Your" (musical) "performance was amazing. I would have paid to see you" (if the concert wasn't free). "You are so good! " - 14-yr-old male student

They loved you. We're definitely having you back again this year. When you mentioned Jeremiah, it made me cry! Thank you. - Activities Director

"I can tell you how wonderful a time I had. Please do come back."
- Senior Citizen

, Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful performance . . The residents really enjoyed themselves! They spoke highly of your visit and were pretty impressed with the magic . . . Denise  July, 2017

We LOVE your program, and will absolutely be putting you on our calendar!  -  Activities Director

Thanks for always doing a great job!    - Activities Director, June 2017

You can add Sacred Heart to Mt. Carmel as Catholic Senior Citizen's groups that highly recommend you!    Jan 2017

. . .Everyone really enjoyed your performance and I'm sure will want to have you back again. - Ruby Phelps for Atonement Seniors Alive   Feb 2015

You're amazing. They need to clone you! You mix technology with performance. It's such a rare thing. We need more of you.  - Nov  2016

He entertained to the point they were just absolutely enthralled. . . He really kept residents engrossed in what he was doing.

– Judy Perry, Skyline Towers Apartments, Alton, Illinois

 . .  I just wanted to tell you again, how much I truly enjoyed your show!!  Not only does everyone there at ____________ thoroughly enjoy the experience, for me, it's like a 'touch of home'.  . . . . . Thanks for your time, and I look forward to enjoying your 'gift' again soon! 

"One fine snowy morning" (8") "you came and filled our hearts with music. Thank you . . ." - Praugb Ray

"Everyone is so excited that you are returning soon."

Activities Director

" . . . Let's set up another date right now for you to come back!

Activities Director

"He didn't watch the clock and played on-core after on-core."

 "Jim is a very fun-loving guy and is a great musician playing fun songs from yesteryear and does great magic tricks that the kids love."  - Bob L.

". . . Residents had a great time."    Lifestyle Director - Senior Living Center

My granddaughters are still talking about the invisible ball trick. They were sitting in the backseat playing catch - throwing it back and forth

- Happy Grandparents

 "Thank you. Thank you. They loved you. Have you played our other facility? I'm going to call them, tomorrow.  We're definitely going to have you back." - Prestige Retirement Home Activities Director

"I really needed to hear what you said just now."

- Activities Director

"My Grandfather couldn't quit talking about you. He really had a great time!"
Grandpa _________ just passed. I think your show was the last event he got to attend. He loved it!! Thank you so much for giving your best to those people and for such a great family memory. It is a blessing.
- Granddaughter

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